My daughter is dying

“My daughter is dying.  I’m losing her.  There is nothing I can do but watch”.  This was all I could think, day in and day out – for 4 years!  The first year of her illness was frustrating.  Many doctors, tests, specialists, etc.  No diagnosis.  The next year and a half was painful – she kept getting worse; her body eating itself from the inside, destroying her bladder.  Yes, we had a diagnosis – Interstitial Cystitis – autoimmune disease – no cure!  Her pain was so bad, some days she could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom that called to her at least once an hour – all day and all night.  Watching her put experimental drugs into her body was horrifying.  Things were only going to get worse and treatments only more invasive and expensive for her.   We were reading about people who took their own lives because of this.  She was only 25!!


She started looking into options for her problems, outside the established medical practices – Antibiotic therapy?….  She is allergic to most antibiotics!  Nope!  O-zone treatment?  Out of state and well beyond her means to pay!  Nope!  Than a friend asked her if she was ready to try something else and be done with being sick.  Of course!!!  Nutrition Response Testing?  Didn’t know what it meant, but it was easy, affordable and we were desperate for answers – any answers.


This was the answer!


Non-invasive testing showed her bladder was infected with a virus not an autoimmune disease.  She was also intolerant to a few foods that needed to be controlled and cleaned out of her body for full recovery.  YES, FULL RECOVERY!!  A few supplements, a few probiotics/prebiotics/enzymes – that’s it.  Health restored.  Truly as simple as it sounds.  She is a very healthy, happy 29!

– Helena Y.

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