No miracles; just fuller life

I had been struggling with sinus migraines and “normal” headaches for years; I had been treated for them for so long and absolutely nothing was working. During the winter, I couldn’t participate in outdoor activities or holiday outings because I was always sick – I’d be sick for 4 or more days at a time. I was taking so many different antibiotics that it just seemed like it carried over and didn’t release what I needed them to. Bronchitis, pneumonia, strep…all of these things were plaguing my body constantly!


A friend referred me to Jenny and told me that “if you’re really strong about wanting to see what your body is wanting, you have to listen and it’ll tell you what it needs.” Jenny changed my whole perspective! She introduced me to a new lifestyle; I made minor changes to my diet that helped me release toxins and avoid symptoms I’d had for so long. I started listening to my body’s needs! How bad do you want to get away from knowing what toxins do to your body?


I’m a new me and it’s a journey I never expected. I’m more observant of what I eat and my body lets me know what I want and need now. My grandkids have viruses this winter and I can be around them and not catch it. My immune system can fight it off now! When I call Innate Rejuvenation, I’ve gotten guidance and recommendations throughout the whole process. I can’t explain how much it means to me that both Melanie and Jenny are knowledgeable and work as a team to help everyone with this program.


No miracles, just living a full life and enjoying myself; it’s the best feeling!


– Shawne H.

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