“We are the tool for this rejuvenation; God placed within us the innate wisdom to heal and, somewhere over time, we lose that ability because of a loss of nutritional value in our food supply. We use Nutrition Response Testing ℠ to restore the innate wisdom; it’s not about what we can do for you, it’s about what you can do for yourself…we just encourage you in your journey.”

– Jenny Vest

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Restoring Health


Each body has been designed to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help in getting exactly what it needs. We utilize natural dietary supplementation to empower your body to function as it was created to do. We take a compassionate and gentle approach to each client’s individual situation and needs as we move forward together to restore health.

Healthy flowers continue to grow because of proper nourishment and nutrition provided by Innate Rejuvenation

Nutrition Response Testing ℠


Holistic healing is a nutritionally based practice using the Nutrition Response Testing ℠ technique. Using this noninvasive, precise, and scientific technique we determine the perfect plan for your body and start you on the road to optimal wellness.

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What to Expect


Sustainable lifestyle transitions are what we strive for. When you agree to do this program, you can expect full support from our staff: we answer any question you may have and provide you with recipe ideas, informational websites, reading materials, anything to enhance your experience. Our goal is to make it doable and sustainable! Change isn’t easy, but we make it our goal to make it as feasible as possible.

Rose Garden to help patients understand that with care and correct nutrition, they too can have top health

Functional Wellness


We develop personalized programs to care for each client based on his or her individual environment and lifestyle. The result is a dynamic, holistic, and effective way to reduce hormone imbalances, risk of cancers, autoimmune problems, and other consequences of chronic pain and inflammation.

To begin your journey to top health, natural dietary supplements may be key to staying on track

Live Healthy

We share a goal to enable healthy living and a natural lifestyles.

What We Offer

Clinical area where patients are evaluated and observed for total health and where any nutritional deficiency might exist


Nutrition Response Testing and Evaluation used for determining undermining causes of less than perfect health

Nutrition Response
Testing ℠ Evaluation

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Natural dietary supplements act as a necessary source to make up for defiencies in our diets

Natural Dietary